Employee leasing

You have additional personnel requirements? With the HAM-LOG-GROUP you can react quickly to one of the biggest challenges for companies. No matter if seasonal fluctuations, order peaks, parental leave or vacation periods are the reasons for your personnel bottlenecks.

We support you in short term and reliably with experienced staff in case of bottlenecks. By integrating our logistics personnel services, you gain additional resources for your core business. If required, we will evaluate with you how the manpower potential of the HAM-LOG-GROUP can be optimally deployed at your plant location and whether a contract-for-work project solution is more profitable for your company in the long term.

HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Logistik Mitarbeiter

We are your team

Temporary staffing helps you reach your goal: We cover your staffing needs and respond efficiently to your bottlenecks. Employee leasing allows you to remain flexible.
HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Arbeitnehmerüberlassung Logistik Personaldienstleister

through temporary work

Fast response time, smooth coordination and optimized workflows: We ensure that the right employees are on site at the right time.

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