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For Employers

Expertise, transparency, reliability:

recruitment made easy.

Gabelstapler Logistik HAM-LOG

For Applicants

Benefits, contact and job offers:

application made easy.

Personnel service provider
for logistics

Skilled workers and qualified Employees deployed flexibly.

Our strengths

Thanks to flexibility, dependability and productivity, the HAM-LOG-GRUPPE provides a convincing service in terms of contracts for work and services as well as in the provision of temporary workers.

We offer industry solutions
customized to your needs

As an experienced, premium logistics service provider, the HAM-LOG-GRUPPE stands for comprehensive quality, increased production and optimization of workflows.

Reliable, transparent and effective: we take responsibility for your success.

HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Personaldienstleister Logistik Zeitarbeit

Targeted logistics service
as a trademark

As a personnel service provider, we keep an eye on your company’s value chain.

In doing so, we flexibly adapt to seasonal or economic fluctuations.

Personnel efficiency
thanks to temporary work

With years of expertise in the industry, we guarantee maximum performance reliability in all areas of logistics.

Satisfied customers, qualified Employees, nationwide locations







What makes us tick

Trustworthiness, effectiveness and adherence to schedules: the HAM-LOG-GRUPPE is a logistics professional. The basis of a partnership with us is our role as an expert for your processes. Personnel service requires fairness when it comes to dealing with employees and customers. We meet your specific requirements with 100% competence.

From professionals for professionals

We offer the whole package: your requirements, our employees.

Temporary work 24/7

Knowhow at all times: network and contact person for your concerns around the clock.

Logistics Task Force

We are your expert for the efficient design of personnel services.

Do you still have questions: +49 40 444 055 60

Our innovative solutions are the right answers to your individual requirements.