Our management

The HAM-LOG GROUP comprises four companies. We have positioned ourselves broadly for the requirements of our customers and offer an extensive service portfolio. At the same time, the decisions of our experienced management team are made through short official channels. This makes us your responsive and flexible partner even for time-critical orders.


Our management offers solutions for your requirements nationwide on schedule and with our own network of reliable partners. All processes and activities are coordinated by our leading logistics professionals.

HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Logistik Firma Geschäftsführung

Logistics innovative

With passion and know-how, the management of the HAM-LOG-GROUP connects people. Our growth course reflects the success of our customized personnel logistics solutions.

HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Fachpersonal GmbH

Thomas Winkelmann

At the end of 2018, HAM-LOG-GRUPPE was able to win over Thomas Winkelmann as Area Manager and since mid-2020 he has been Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Fachpersonal GmbH. Born in Erfurt, he previously worked as Manager Operations (Site Manager) at BLG Handelslogistik for the customer IKEA Germany.


Mr. Winkelmann laid the foundations of his comprehensive logistics know-how at an early stage. After training as a postal traffic clerk and working for Deutsche Post, he served as a non-commissioned officer in the staff service (procurement logistics) in Kosovo and Afghanistan, among other places.


Throughout his logistics career, the industrial engineer with a degree in logistics, transport and communications has relied on a clear structure and dedicated responsibility to optimize processes. In doing so, the humorous personnel expert always puts the employees of the HAM-LOG-GROUP in the center of attention.


“It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Thomas Winkelmann
Marco Kühnapfel

Marco Kühnapfel

Together with Thomas Winkelmann, Marco Kühnapfel has been the dual head of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Fachpersonal GmbH since 2022. He already successfully demonstrated his strategic thinking skills internationally during his studies at logistics groups such as Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH and Jungheinrich AG.


Kühnapfel, a team player, deepened his knowledge of logistics when he took up his position as Assistant to the HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Holding Management Board in 2018. In his subsequent position as Manager Business Development, he led projects to success through innovative and individual solutions.


Today, the native of Reinbek acts with strong negotiating skills and close to the customer. His holistic understanding of processes and people are a guarantee for the implementation of the requirements of the business partners of the HAM-LOG-GROUP.


“Efficient communication with team and customers leads to progress.”


Tino Schrapel

Tino Schrapel has held the management of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Inhouse GmbH together with Robert Kalucki since 2018. With over 25 years of experience in freight forwarding and logistics, he brings extensive expertise to the corporate group.


Over professional stations as disposition and forwarding manager in the transport industry, manager operations / deputy manager DC for BLG Logistik GmbH as well as operations manager redcoon Logistics GmbH, he successfully developed his talent for communication and dealing with people. Empathy and a focus on the individual development of his employees create a promising team culture.


Today, Schrapel leads HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Inhouse GmbH with an unexceptional enthusiasm that makes the decision-making logistics professional a supporting component in the company network.


“Challenging and encouraging means leadership – leadership and learning are mutually dependent.”

Tino Schrapel
Robert Kalucki

Robert Kalucki 

Since 2016, Robert Kalucki has been Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Inhouse GmbH, from 2018 in dual leadership with Tino Schrapel.


His professional career led the graduate in business administration via his entry into logistics at the paper wholesaler Felix Malcherek, the trading agency Theodor Niehaus to the position of managing director at the pallet plant Baro. Since 2013 Robert Kalucki enriches the HAM-LOG-GROUP with his determination and high commitment.


Customers and employees appreciate Robert Kalucki’s strong sense of justice, which guarantees fair mediation between clients and employees, especially in his responsibility for recruitment in Poland.


“As a team we are stronger – together to success.”

HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Industrie & Handel GmbH

Robert Butkus

Robert Butkus has been Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Industrie & Handel GmbH since 2013.  In his position as Managing Director, the native Lithuanian combines in-depth industry knowledge with innovative creative drive.


In over 20 years of logistics experience, Butkus is particularly distinguished by his consistent focus on results. His stations led him from Max Bahr via Global Inhouse Logistics, in the positions of project management as well as in management, back to the HAM-LOG-GROUP. He completed his apprenticeship there in 2000 and has therefore been with the company from the very beginning – a true veteran.

He dynamically manages the logistics issues close to the employees. Thanks to his active interest in new developments in the industry and constant training, he is a successful driving force for the company.


Since 2022, Robert Butkus has also held the position of managing director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Holding GmbH.

“Energy properly applied and addressed is the cornerstone to achieve anything.”

Robert Butkus
Henrikus Krabben

Henrikus Krabben

Henrikus Krabben has been Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Industrie & Handel GmbH together with Robert Butkus since 2022. As a networker with strong communication skills, he skillfully links customers, teams and partners for successful project execution.

Since the beginning of his logistics career, the native Dutchman has been convincing through proactive thinking and acting. His professional steps led the graduate in business administration from several stations at the Nordmann Group via Trinks GmbH to the HAM-LOG-GROUP.


Today, customers particularly appreciate the client-oriented approach of the empathetic and motivated logistics professional. His clear communication and fairness ensure the achievement of performance targets.

“Business is people – people make the difference.”

HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Lagerlogistik GmbH

Jens Altenburg

Jens Altenburg has been Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Lagerlogistik GmbH since 2018. With over 25 years of logistics experience in leading positions within the industry, he has an exceptional track record in organizing and implementing logistics processes.


Precise, assertive and consistent, he brings people together with a deep understanding of the logistics business. Innovative, thinking outside the box, Jens Altenburg impresses with tangible and sustainable business results.


His close collaboration with customers coupled with his pragmatic solution finding are building blocks of long-standing partnerships with numerous logistics companies.

Since 2022, Jens Altenburg has also held the position of Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Holding GmbH.


“Thinking without boundaries creates new opportunities.”

Jens Altenburg
Agnes Pocius

Agnes Pocius

Agnes Pocius has held the post of Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Lagerlogistik GmbH together with Jens Altenburg since 2022. Her outstanding intuition for the customers’ wishes is decisive for the successful fulfillment of project requirements.


With extensive expert knowledge and sure instinct, the Lithuanian native develops individual personnel solutions adapted to the dynamic market requirements. A high degree of responsibility and her service orientation make Agnes Pocius an excellent sparring partner in all logistics issues.


The communications professional is fluent in five foreign languages, enabling her to provide a comprehensive perspective beyond the nationwide logistics market.


“We have enough critics, what our world needs are people who motivate.”


Dr. Ralf Kauermann

Dr. Ralf Kauermann has been Managing Director of HAM-LOG-GRUPPE Holding GmbH since 2018. Previously, he gained experience in over 13 years as an investment manager in private equity and another five years in a large accounting firm.


With his results-oriented “hands-on” mentality and analytical skills, Dr. Kauermann has a firm focus on optimizing cost and efficiency management for clients and companies.


Whether responsible for investment volumes or process responsibility – his structured approach and experience make Dr. Kauermann a reliable and growth-enhancing managing director of HAM-LOG-GROUP Holding.


“More than just numbers – a true generalist.”

Dr. Ralf Kauermann