Social commitment is a matter close to our hearts! People are always the focus of attention at the HAM-LOG-GRUPPE and therefore it is outmost important to us to promote equal opportunities from the very start.

For decades, we have been supporting the Kinderjahre Foundation, which promotes the personal development of children with its projects, ensures equal opportunities through its work in education and upbringing, and lays a strong foundation for a self-determined life.

Stiftung Kinderjahre

“We thank the HAM-LOG-GRUPPE for years of working together. A company that puts the appreciation of people, employees and partners, in the foreground has a far-sighted world view. Social commitment, social togetherness must not be forgotten in a civil society that is reorganizing itself; they provide emotional integration.

HAM-LOG supports our efforts to provide equal opportunities for children. Together we are committed to a happily managed future for our society; only together can we be strong!”

Hannelore Lay · Chairperson of the Board